OnRoot is a media company that creates innovation opportunities between brands and taxi commuters. OnRoot’s offering is powered by a national fleet of more than 23, 000 minibus taxis, and leading edge technology that removes the constraints of data cost and network speed and coverage. This allows you to talk to an audience that makes up 69% of the South African workforce – a market base that drives the South African economy forward.

OnRoot is the first media entity that allows you to create a seamless user experience for the commuter, by blending low and high tech media into a fully comprehensive marketing campaign. With access to digital and mobile media platforms, you can customise your engagement to roll out exactly when, where and how you want it to. The high degree of platform interactivity means you can extract the kind of insights from your market that really matter to your brand – before, during or after your campaign.

Detailed consumer insights assist you in designing more effective products, services and marketing campaigns, and can even inform better brand strategies in the future.

Our media platforms

OnRoot’s offering is powered by the SA Taxi Media national fleet of more than 23 000 minibus taxis, along with its robust telematics infrastructure, allowing OnRoot to perform real-time geographic segmentation to ensure your campaign is executed in the best location. By providing auditable tracking reports, and selecting only premium taxi operators, we also make sure your campaign stays on track.


OnRoot’s digital media platform

Moovah! provides free and fast internet connectivity, fresh digital content and other geo-located benefits to commuters, all from within a network of selected minibus taxis. The interactive platform fully engages the taxi commuter and rewards the commuters when they interact with your brand.

Moovah! makes your content available to commuters to download or stream at high speed, without the need for 3G, ADSL or electricity. Your brand is benefited by commuter interaction with your campaign or call-to-action without their having to use their own data. Because Moovah! does not use network coverage, commuters always engage with your brand at fast and reliable download speeds.

What we offer

Taxi Branding

We use the 23, 000+ strong SA Taxi Media national fleet to make your brand visible on either the exterior and/or interior of the taxi.

Interior Branding

Brand the full interior space of the taxi, within easy view of all comuters. Use the internal space to drive brand awareness or to promote a special call-to-action. With an area of over 3.2 sqm, interior branding allows you to connect with an estimated 3, 100 commuters each month. Using this package, you also have access to branding the back windscreen, providing you with additional external advertising.

Exterior Full Wrap

Drive maximum brand awareness by using the taxi as a mobile billboard on selected routes or in designated areas. We offer brands the option of a full exterior taxi wrap, giving you a branded area of over 21 sqm, seen by both commuters as well as motorists and pedestrians.

Commuter Research

OnRoot, in association with Interact RDT and SA Taxi Media, has launched a flexible commuter research solution that lets brands unlock valuable insights from taxi commuters. Conduct your research in taxis on selected routes, or use the app to publish a survey targeted at specific commuter profiles.

Taxi Insights

Qualified fieldworkers are stationed in selected taxis and capture survey feedback once commuters have boarded. This style of quantitative research is designed to be concise, offering a profile overview on respondents, as well as their opinions and views. This method can also be used to get deeper insights into consumer behaviour, such as product or service usage, preferences and purchase behaviour.

You can customise and scale your research rollout – we cater for anything from 1 route per week, to multiple routes over time or at regular intervals. There is no limit to the number of responses or amount of time spent in the field. The method itself is a cost-effective means of conducting on-going research.

Moovah! App Surveys

Moovah! allows you to extract highly relevant insights using a set of questions targetted at specific commuters. In exchange for answering a survey, the commuter earns points that they can convert to data or use to purchase premium content. Before answering questions, commuters are able to download or stream digital content, making it valuable for ad or app testing.

Moovah! Sponsorship

Run a 360° interactive marketing campaign by sponsoring the deployment of the Moovah! device in a minibus taxi. Sponsorship of a taxi allows you to drive awareness of your brand, publish content in a multimedia format, promote geo-located deals, and gain valuable commuter insights.

There are 10 things you get by sponsoring a device in a taxi each month:

Brand Awareness


+- 200 000 people view your brand on
the outside of the taxi


+- 3 000 commuters view your brand
inside the taxi


Brand presence on every page of the
Moovah! app


Splash screen presence throughout
the Moovah! app

Call to action campaigns


Daily call-to-action opportunities
throughout the app


Placement of adverts in the relevant
section of the app


Promote a ‘Special of the Day’ in specific

Content Publication


Digital content publication in any media format

Commuter Insights


40% discount on commuter research


Profiles, behaviours and preferences
of commuters who connect to the
Moovah! device

An added benefit is that the sponsorship has been designed as a qualifying enterprise development solution. The benefit for you is that 100% of the sponsor fee can be claimed against enterprise development targets.

Other Moovah! Services

If you are not looking to sponsor a Moovah! device, OnRoot offers many other ways for your brand to interact wth the taxi commuter:

Promote a geo-located deal

Issue electronic vouchers and coupons

Reward commuters for watching and commenting on your adverts

Get commuters to enter your competitions

Publish any form of digital content

We can also provide you with valuable insights into the market, as well as detailed analytics about their behavious and preferences.